Finding Your Voice and Making It Heard

For the sake of full-disclosure, the WYWU podcast is an entirely selfish undertaking. That’s right. Even while asking professionals among the music industry and others supporting it, I’m really fishing for good ideas that will benefit me and my own family.

So far, my kids and grandchildren are all smarter than I was at their ages, so we can call that progress. But just like most of the 99% here in the states, they will need options and opportunities. The big picture here is that Rabunshire Media wants to find more options and more opportunities for folks who need them.

WYWU has given me the opportunity to share inside information on career and personal development with the general population who might not hear it another way. Not everyone gets to speak with top touring audio engineers, international artists, renown architects, or successful freelancers… But I do.

The logic behind sharing these intimate conversations is based on mutually beneficial collaborations. Think of it as an intellectual bartering system. I have questions that need to be asked and they have answers that need to be shared. I’m providing the production services to build and promote their mission. I get original and shareable content to promote my work, they get another highlight on the resume and exposure to a new audience.

To be clear, it’s kinda like the venue owner telling the band they can “play for exposure,” but then they get to create content and a revenue stream that can essentially last forever. Although my interviews, articles and podcasts might end up like 78 RPM albums buried in a thrift store one day, they’ll still exist. And if we do it right, all that original content will still be generating engagement and income beyond our days.

So this is absolutely a recruiting call…

I’m looking for new collaborators with developed skills and a bit of passion who just want to create. I’m also actively searching for businesses, nonprofits, charities, manufacturers, festivals and rallies that want to grow their audience and don’t know where to start.

Let’s face it, the job boards are full of options for people who already had them to begin with. The gap between the “haves and have nots” is widening. Entry-level and repetitive jobs are being automated and robots are taking over manufacturing. We’re on the brink of a surge in homelessness if we don’t begin taking better care of people. It’s not a crack they’re slipping through, this is a canyon. Experts are saying that creativity is our best option in a changing economic landscape, so let’s use it.

Ultimately, Rabunshire will offer facilities and accommodations to bring the creators together for both short- and long-term projects with accommodations on-site. Whether you need to create, or grow an audience, we’d like to connect with you.

Projects In The Works…
I’m developing an Indiegogo campaign for season two of the WYWU: Working Your Way Up podcast along with the impending launch of two new shows. The next big road trip will be taking us to a major nonprofit organization with an incredible track record of supporting its local community. We’re not able to discuss the specific details yet, but it will be a big deal.

In support of a large local homeless population, this group has taken its efforts beyond food, shelter and clothing needs and offers short- and long-term housing, meals, education, job training and placement. We’re going inside and living onsite while recording new episodes of WYWU and hopefully launching and entirely new show that they will produce themselves.

We also have an inside track to capture another new series with the community leaders and charities supporting a remote frozen metropolis. And yes, we’re taking the van.

Along the way we’ll be capturing the voices of good people working to keep the planet inhabitable and playing well together. We’re going to keep WYWU focused on career and personal development, but we’re also launching the new in-house project that will focus on the ideas of playing well together in a sustainable world.

If any of those projects sound like something you’d like to support financially or in a creative way, please contact me and tell me your story. (Especially if you’re familiar with Indiegogo) If you’re with a nonprofit organization or business that needs to develop its online presence and needs the services of content creators, social media influencers, artists, musicians or even your own podcast… Contact me.

So to the present and future podcasters, bloggers, artists and performers out there looking for a foot in the door: This one is open. How can we work together?

And to those great nonprofits, businesses, charities and philanthropists who need to find their voice and get their message heard but don’t know where to start, I can do that. Contact me to see if Rabunshire Media is the resource you’re looking for.

Thanks to Clker-Free-Vector-Images on Pixabay for that opening image.

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