WYWU: Working Your Way Up – Season 1

Season one of the WYWU: Working Your Way Up podcast was launched at Summer NAMM 2019. We continued on from there to capture interviews at multiple trade shows within the professional audio industry including WFX in Orlando, CSU in Virginia and both AES and NAB held in New York City.

Across season one we discussed each guest’s specific career path and the decisions leading up to their current position along with advice for the next generation. Season one was made possible with support from ProSoundWeb, Live Sound International magazine, iZotope’s RX software, Hummingbird Media, The Audio Engineering Society, The National Association of Broadcasters, LegalShield, Teespring and Amazon.

Season two is in development now, as the final episodes of season one are being wrapped up. Sign up for our email list and follow us on social media to see where we go next and get each new episode as they are released.

And now, without further ado, here’s season one…

Managing Director of Synthax Mathias von Heydekampf

Today we’re with Mathias von Heydekampf. He’s the Managing Director of Synthax, distributing professional audio brands including RME, Ferrofish and myMix. Mathias is an audio industry veteran with time at Bose, Harman, Telex and Bosch.

He’s the product and a proponent of the apprenticeship concept, with some advice for the next generation moving into the world of professional audio or considering a career in international business. We sat down together at the Javits Center in New York for the 2019 AES Convention to discuss his career path and decisions that led him to his current position. 

Music Mixer Bob Clearmountain

This episode features Bob Clearmountain. He’s been mixing albums in the studio since 1972, beginning with Duke Ellington and continuing on with the likes of David Bowie, the Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Bryan Adams and many more.We sat down together at Apogee’s booth on the show floor at AES to discuss his incredible career along with advice for aspiring studio engineers and his venture into digital plugins with Clearmountain’s Domain

Performance and Recording Artist Queen Esther

My guest for this episode is Queen Esther, she’s a vocalist, songwriter, librettist, playwright, actor and recording artist based in Harlem.

We sat down together in Atlanta to discuss the life experiences of someone truly living the dream. She travels and performs internationally, sharing her special recipe of Southern charm and New York hustle with audiences around the globe. She brings some strong ideas on developing a sense of community backstage with cast and crew members.

Touring Monitor Engineer Kerrie Keyes and the Soundgirls

This episode features Karrie Keyes, the executive director of SoundGirls, a non-profit organization that supports the professional sound industry with a mission of “empowering the next generation of women in audio.” She’s also been the monitor engineer for Pearl Jam and Eddie Vedder for over 25 years.

Karrie has been working as a live sound engineer since the 1980s, after Dave Rat taught her to roll a mic cable at a Black Flag concert.

I sat down together with Karrie and Soundgirls Zoë JamesVanessa Silberman and Gil Eva Craig at the 2019 AES convention in the Javits Center in New York to discuss the challenges facing women in professional audio and some strategies for surviving out there. 

Audio Consultant & Educator Merlijn Van Veen

In this episode we’re speaking with Merlijn van Veen. He’s an audio consultant and educator currently serving as the Senior Technical Support & Education Specialist for Meyer Sound. Merlijn’s passion for sound system technology has led him to develop his own educational materials including the Subwoofer Array Designer which has been downloaded thousands of times and featured in Live Sound International magazine.

We sat down together at Meyer Sound’s booth at AES between demo sessions to discuss his career path and philosophy, as well as the recently introduced M-Noise test signal.

“Blemishes” – Garrison Matlock with Paizley Matlock

This is an original song written and performed by my son Garrison Matlock with accompanying vocals by my daughter Paizley Matlock. We’re testing out some applications for recording with the Zoom H6 beyond podcasting this week. This was captured with the XY microphone head and onboard preamps. It’s part of my kit for mobile podcasting and I’m pretty impressed.

The song, though… that’s epic. I’m the recording and mix engineer, but the H6 did the heavy lifting. For a song written, recorded and mixed the same day, I think they did well. 

Recording Studio Designer & Architect John Storyk

This episode features John Storyk, he’s an architect and acoustician, as well as a founding partner of Walters Storyk Design Group.  John’s been providing design and construction supervision services for the professional audio and video recording community since his 1969 design of Jimi Hendrix’s Electric Lady Studios.

John offers quite a bit of insight for career advancement after 50 years in the industry and brings a fatherly passion for mentoring the next generation.

Audio Educator & Engineer Dan Fox

Today I’m talking with Dan Fox. He’s an audio educator and engineer who also works with the Life Is Good “Ping Podcast.” Dan operates Wondersmith Audio, providing studio recording services for both music and voice artists.

Dan has some tremendous insight and wisdom for the student considering the pro audio career path, along with some suggestions for how to do it the right way.

FOH Engineer, System Tech & Technical Editor Michael Lawrence

In this episode we’re talking with Michael Lawrence. He’s a professional front of house engineer, audio system tech and the owner of Precision Audio Services. Michael is part of the ProSoundWeb crew serving as the technical editor for both ProSoundWeb and Live Sound International magazine, as well as the co-host for the Signal to Noise podcast with Kyle Churnside.

Audio Visual Project Manager Brandon Smith

For today’s episode, we’re talking with Brandon Smith at the LSI Loudspeaker Demo at WFX 2019 in Orlando. Brandon’s an Audio Visual Project manager from Cincinnati, OH. He’s an energetic guy with a passion for audio, music and production. He loves what he does and carries a reputation for excellence in every system or event he works on. 

Assistant Professor of Music Industry Gabe Herman

Today’s episode features Gabe Herman, a music producer, audio engineer, sound designer, educator and the Assistant Professor of Music Industry at The Hartt School. Gabe owns and operates AudioGabriel, a production company that focuses on creative, new works with performing artists from around the world.

Freelance Audio Engineer & Musician Nicholas Radina

Today we’re with Nicholas Radina at the LSI Loudspeaker Demo at WFX 2019 in Orlando. He’s a freelance audio engineer, educator, writer and musician from Cincinnati, OH. His latest project is SoundNerdsUnite.org, a website offering resources and training for aspiring audio engineers. Nicholas has a passion for music as well as the systems used to support live concerts and performances.

Walking the show floor at Summer NAMM 2019

This time around, we’re doing something a little different. This episode from series one was captured from the show floor at Summer NAMM 2019. We’re going to take a walk around and speak with Chalise Zolezzi, the Director of Public Relations and Social Media for NAMM. We’re also going to dip inside a Whisper Room to talk with Trevor Nicely about how their product made two critical interviews possible despite the noise outside.

Recording Studio Owner Sean Giovanni (The Record Shop in Nashville)

Series One of WYWU was captured at the 2019 NAMM Show in Nashville. In this episode we hear from Sean Giovanni, the owner of The Record Shop recording studio in Nashville. Sean showed up in town at the age of 19 with ambitions of finding a studio job that never happened. Today his vision is much larger and he hopes to impart a bit of hard-earned wisdom into the next generation of aspiring engineers.

Touring Monitor Engineer Mark Frink

Series One of WYWU was captured at the 2019 NAMM Show in Nashville. In this episode we hear from Mark Frink, a touring sound engineer who has mixed monitors for numerous top artists including kd Lang, Dr John, Tony Bennett and many more. Mark has a personal preference for the monitor position and quite a bit of advice for the aspiring audio engineer considering a career on monitor beach.

Season one was made possible with support from ProSoundWeb, Live Sound International magazine, iZotope’s RX software, Hummingbird Media, The Audio Engineering Society, The National Association of Broadcasters, LegalShield, Teespring and Amazon.

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