Coronavirus Versus The Concert And Production Industries

Regardless of how bad the Coronavirus outbreak gets, the concert and event production industry is going to be permanently affected by this. We’re seeing almost every large event being cancelled and a lot of folks are going to struggle through this difficult season. 

I’m suggesting everyone take this opportunity to review your contracts and focus on cancellation clauses. There will be opportunities for people to be hustled and ripped off while this disruption continues. The old saying will come to life for many of us: “Not knowing your rights is the same as not having them.”

If you need an attorney to talk you through or review anything, or if you need a backup source of income, I’m also recommending LegalShield. They’ve taken good care of us through some rough seasons over the last seven years and I expect they will help you too. 

And yes, I’m selling something.

But as I’ve mentioned before, I’m only endorsing LegalShield because of personal experience. We’re coming into a rough season for folks who make their living on concerts, tours and events. Freelancers will likely have a tough road through this as well. 

Before you sign another vague contract that’s skewed in someone else’s favor, let the attorneys review it. Before your gigs are all cancelled and your income stream runs dry consider becoming an associate and help others through this. And before you allow someone else’s attorney to tell you what your rights are, get your own attorney. We did and I haven never regretted that decision. 

Instead of paying $200 or $300 bucks an hour for a consultation or contract review, get a membership with an attorney in your home state for about $25 bucks a month with no contract. If you don’t need it after this finally blows over just cancel. Take a look at how it works and make your own decision. See if it’s the right solution for you or your company.

Here’s how it works…

Get your membership through the “Get LegalShield” link. As soon as you have the confirmation and membership number, you can make your first call to the attorneys. They will mail you a package with your membership cards, will preparation and all of the benefits of joining the LegalShield family. Always start with a question.

“I have a question about contracts specific to my industry and need some guidance.” Or…

“I have a question about how to resolve an issue with a client who owes me money.” Or…

“I have a question about event cancellations and what happens to my deposit.”

Contract reviews and virtually unlimited consultations are part of the most basic package. Small businesses plans are also available, and discounted employee benefits packages can be created that are paid like insurance deductions and cost the company nothing. If it wasn’t such a great deal I wouldn’t have mentioned it, but it is.

Also, if you need to supplement your income, or even replace it entirely, LegalShield associates have those opportunities. We make a percentage of each sale and it comes back each year the policies renew. I’ve spent years searching for that ideal source of passive residual income and so far, this has been the best for the way I work. Listen to what other associates have to say about it…

I’m hoping for the best and that this virus is eradicated quickly, but in the mean time I’m also hedging my bets and keeping my membership. The extra income is nice and I don’t have to tolerate bullies. Good luck out there. Let me know if I can help. 

And thanks to Gerd Altmann from Pixabay for that creepy image up top.

Get LegalShield

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