Making the Most of the Downtime

Freelancers and road crews already understand how seasonal event production work tends to be. But, the Coronavirus issue is pushing the limits of our endurance as concert season of 2020 was just about to kick in.

As we’re in the midst of what might be the toughest season in the history of concert and event production, I thought I’d offer some suggestions for making the most of the downtime. Beyond the rigorous hand-washing, amidst the ever-lingering scent of disinfectants, we are already adjusting our daily routines. Since we have to adapt to survive, let’s focus on the best use of our time and resources while we get through this.

To make this a little more ridiculous, considering how fast the cash is going out compared to coming in, I’m writing this all out as checks…

Check your priorities
Some of those responsibilities we’ve been carrying so diligently for so long are now being interfered with. The closer you get to a Ramen-heavy diet, the less important some of them will become. And, all those little projects you haven’t finished, here’s your chance. When you’ve whittled your daily allotment of things that must happen, you’ll often find what really matters. Do that.

Check something off the bucket list
If you’ve exhausted all options for bringing in some replacement income or burned through reasonable amounts of time towards improving the situation, maybe think about those things you’ve always wanted to do if you ever had time.

Maybe it’s a business plan, or a recipe, or an online course, or furniture you’ve always wanted to refinish, or (yikes) taxes. I’d suggest taking a road trip, but maybe wait a few months for that…

Check your gear
When was the last time you vacuumed out the doghouse behind your console? Swept the French fries out of the van? Cleaned out the mystery boxes in the back of the shop? Replaced a caster or two? Here’s your chance to catch up all that tedious crap you haven’t gotten around to.

Check yourself out
The things we do daily ultimately define us. The downtime, once you get past the associated depression and anxiety, gives us a chance to restructure our daily routines. Slipping in a few minutes of exercise will help, maybe find some time to add daily reading. Try trading the time given to unproductive habits for something more beneficial.

Check your balance
Yeah, we’re all watching the bank accounts dwindle. This is a good time to explore some new options for working from home. Most online entrepreneurs are searching for “long-term, residual, passive income” that keeps a stream of income running 24-hours a day. For us, LegalShield and Amazon have helped immensely over the years. Of you’ve never considered a home-based business before, this might be a good time.

Check your map
Most of us started our careers with dreams and plans for how we’d spend our future. If you’re not where you wanted to be, this is a good opportunity to take an honest assessment of where you’ve ended up and how you feel about it. If the journey hasn’t gotten you to where you wanted to be, maybe this is your chance to get back on track.

There will be permanent changes once this current crisis wraps up, and later there will be another crisis with new challenges. The old-timers have seen this happen multiple times and survived by adapting and enduring. If you’re paying attention, you’re going to learn a few things before this is over. Pay attention to things that are just trying to trigger your emotions as well as the things you seem to ignore.

Meaning: Don’t let personal prejudices keep you in the slow lane, or get you bumped off the road entirely. Hopefully we have a vaccine soon and this is all behind us. Until then, hang in there and keep searching for solutions. (I might even go as far as recommending you check out the WYWU podcast for some ideas…)

And, if you do find a solution that might help out the rest of us in this mess, add it in the comments. Thanks.

And thanks to Free-Photos from Pixabay for the opening image.

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