WYWUpodcast SOS: Save Our Show

I’m not great at asking for help, but 2020 has been rough…

We launched the WYWU: Working Your Way Up podcast in July of 2019 with the support of ProSoundWeb to capture face to face interviews for the benefit of the next generation. Season One was built around interviews with industry professionals willing to share their “map of the minefield” that took them from amateurs to top professionals, along with specific advice for others pursuing a similar career.

Well, we put all our eggs in this basket. Maybe not the best timing.

For Season Two, we intended to take this up a notch and focus on heroes who’ve make a significant impact on their own community through charities, nonprofits and local business leaders who are actively improving the world around them. We were on-track to interview multiple great organizations and individuals before the virus shut down our progress. We had interviews lined up from Georgia to Minnesota, and from Chicago to Alaska. Now we’re stuck.

Our immediate need is for a cash infusion to offset the financial losses 2020 has dealt us. Rabunshire Media and WYWU are based at our home in the north Georgia mountains, where we plan to create a retreat and full-scale production studio capable of supporting projects around the world. Season Two was meant to be a focused turning point in the development of WYWU, now it’s dead in the water.

We’ve offset some of these expenses with LegalShield, but not enough to keep going.

If any of the interviews from Season One have had an impact on your own journey of career and personal development, Season Two will likely be of even more benefit. We need to showcase effective and efficient operations that are truly making a measurable impact on the world around them. We need to connect the helpers with those who need help. That can’t happen until the quarantine is lifted and we can get back on the road.

We’ve lost our sponsorship, our local gigs and whatever saving we had left since this all began. The seven years of progress we’ve made in developing Rabunshire is slowly unraveling as the bills go unpaid. We’re making hard decisions about the future, since it seems unlikely that any of that stimulus money will make it to us.

So as hard as it is to ask for help, we are. We need almost $10k to get out of this hole and back to work, since our income has been interrupted for almost 3 months now.

Help us save Rabunshire and get ready to produce the next season of our show. I know this isn’t a cardboard sign yet, but we’re close.. And anything will help. Thank you.

Visit our GoFundMe page or donate directly through PayPal

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