The Road To Rabunshire

As well as I can define the concept of Rabunshire, it’s simply our home sanctuary in the mountains.

My name is Erik Matlock and along with my wife, Geri, we hope to open our personal retreat to visitors in the near-future to see what we can accomplish together. We’ll introduce you to a local community full of creative-types who are making music and art worth sharing.

homeFor the time being, we’re working our own way up and transforming a chunk of mountainside into a functional content creation studio with guest accommodations from our own resources and at our own pace.

The present studio is functional but not even close to finished. The long-range plan includes an immersive mixing and editing studio and multiple editing suites for producing digital content.

We’re also just “runnin’ what we brung” and taking my old boogie van along for the ride because I don’t do interviews by phone anymore. WYWU episodes are captured face to face or the interview doesn’t happen. We’ll come to you and soon you’ll be able to come to us. We only capture podcast interviews on-location and in-person. New clients and sponsors will also be featured on an episode of WYWU, with the option of sponsoring their episode only or an entire season.

new wywu logo 2The first official product bearing the name of Rabunshire Media is the WYWU: Working Your Way Up podcast.

Season one is also hosted with ProSoundWeb, who helped enable its development as my primary financial supporter and received mentions on each episode. (That top slot also gets hyperlinks in the text descriptions and promotions on all major podcasting platforms.) We will continue to providing podcast episodes, product reviews and original articles for ProSoundWeb and introducing more content creators into their ranks for as long as we have relevant material for their audience.

To be sure the air is clear on this, I’m just giving up the daily workload for ProSoundWeb, not the relationships. My daily workload since 2015 has involved editing and publishing press releases, the daily creation of the PSW Daily Newsletter and assistance with social media management. We’ve raised up a fine new generation of editors and contributors to take PSW to the next level and I am stepping aside to focus on developing and creating new original content while tracking down more creators. The WYWU podcast is going to keep rolling with or without a sponsor, but I’d like to find the right nonprofit to help define where we take each season.

To support Rabunshire in the meantime, we’ve selected three proven streams of income to feature on this site, No ads, no popups, no bullshit. Clicking and buying anything from the links in here helps cover our expenses and I present each one shamelessly. (Upper left, Mostly Useful Links)

rabunshire logoRabunshire Media is the arm of Rabunshire for not only creating and producing original content but also training individuals and organizations to produce and manage their own creative content through mutually beneficial collaborations. Our long-term plan is for a larger office and studio with accommodations for mix engineers, producers, content creators and artists to develop and market their abilities while resting between sessions in the solitude of the North Georgia mountains. We’ve been testing the waters here for a while now and feel like we’ll be prepared to offer a creative and collaborative environment like no other.

Presently, Rabunshire Media is the aspect focused on developing and producing digital content in a variety of forms including written and researched articles, original art and graphic design, original music with in-house recording and editing services, press materials for nonprofits and small businesses as well as podcast development from personalized concept to presentable content.

20191112wywuPSWeditWe will always be searching for new contributors to partner with for the intended mission of creating sustainable solutions and helping humans play well together. Please send along questions, suggestions and content submissions through the “Contact” tab on the navigation bar or through inhabitable.us.

We look forward to working with you to help impact your world and develop your audience. Sign up for our email updates and new content as it’s posted and click a few links while you’re here. All purchases help us keep this thing moving forward.

To help cover expenses for producing the final episodes of the WYWU: Working Your Way Up podcast season one, go buy some swag, or a compete podcasting rig like I’m using for mobile podcasting, or a monthly membership with a LegalShield plan like I’ve used since 2013.

They’ve saved my ass with unlimited legal consultations and contract reviews to keep me out of trouble. Pick your own individual, family or small business plan and consider adding the Identity Theft package. I use both and wouldn’t be without them. Each membership helps my bottom line and creates stay-at-home income for my associates. Watch Darnell Self explain it…

Rabunshire wouldn’t exist without the support of LegalShield and the associates who brought us in and helped coach us. If you need access to an attorney for any issue, this is where I’d start. They’re going to help us carry this thing until we lock in a new primary sponsor. We’re also looking for more associates who want some extra income to help spread the word. (Get a membership and use it first.)

The swag is intended to serve as supporter rewards for an upcoming Indiegogo campaign. (Stay tuned for that) They aren’t cheap, but they offer the chance to show your support and help keep the doors open. The podcasting gear is the exact same equipment we’ve used for all season one interviews at AES, NAB, CSU, WFX and all over the east coast.

Season one of the #wywupodcast wouldn’t have been possible without the support of ProSoundWeb, Live Sound International magazine, DcSoundOp, Hummingbird Media, The Audio Engineering Society, The National Association of Broadcasters, LegalShield and iZotope’s RX software.

Season two is in development now. If you represent a nonprofit or compatible industry representing similar goals, feel free to submit a proposal through the “Contact” tab above. Now buy something. Thank you.

(And thanks to Bianca Mentil for the opening image)

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