Why Do We Endorse LegalShield?

Why would we give an entire page on this site for anything involving legal protection? Because it offers an option and opportunity that most people simply don’t have access to. For about $25 bucks a month, with no contract, you have 24-hour access to legal consultation from some of the finest attorneys around. I can’t cover $200-300 bucks an hour to make bullies back off and I figure most of you can’t either.

We’ve been using LegalShield since 2013 as both members and associates, so we have no problem recommending them highly. The company has been around since the early seventies, after the founder went through a stressful and financially devastating legal battle over a car accident that was not his fault. The end result is a network of the finest attorneys across the county and into Canada and Europe that offers a legal and identity theft protection group membership that’s cheaper than the gym you aren’t using anyway. 

After proving their (included) legal consultation services on a few issues, we decided to join as associates. LegalShield associates earn commissions for new memberships, residual income when policies renew and discounts on almost every service you can imagine. For the folks who want, or need, to work from home and don’t mind making a few phone calls a day, it’s an incredible opportunity.

LegalShield has programs for individuals, families, employees and small businesses. And since the average person encounters regular situations where legal counsel would be helpful, I strongly suggest looking into it. LegalShield can help with wills, contracts, traffic tickets, employee benefits, lawsuits, and even representation in court.

There’s a story told during the training process to become an associate that tells of a woman calling her attorney because a gas station overcharged her by a few dollars. Now, nobody in their right mind would call a $300 per hour attorney over a few bucks, right? Well, since virtually unlimited legal counsel is included in your membership, it’s not a problem. Her LegalShield attorney issued a letter to the gas station and got her both a refund and an apology.

Closer to home, a close friend found out on a Friday that he was being sued by a former employee. We signed him up as a member the following Monday. Since he became a member after the lawsuit was issued, it qualified as a “preexisting condition,” so his situation wouldn’t qualify for the full benefit of the service, but the consultation is always included. After calling his brand-new LegalShield attorney, he was coached on the best way to handle the situation and saved that $3500 he was being sued for. We signed him up as an associate the following week, then he started signing up new associates almost immediately. There’s no contract. Cancel anytime if it isn’t everything you needed or expected. Watch the video below and see what top-earning associate Darnell Self says about it. 

If you’d like the peace of mind that comes with having a law firm on-call, Identity Theft protection, a will and so many more options and opportunities… join now. Get you membership first, then message us to get yourself setup as an associate so you can start earning residual income through LegalShield.

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